“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Some people attribute the adage above to Mark Twain, some to Agatha Christie. Apparently, neither source can be verified, so maybe we should just credit the wise words to Hallmark. It doesn’t really matter. Corny though it may be, this pint-sized motivational speech is sage advice for writers, many of whom will avoid a blank page like the plague. When you have to put that first word down, bills, laundry, and jumbled stacks of five-year-old personal papers can suddenly become so very appealing.

This whole avoidance thing—it is, truth be told, how I’ve approached the admittedly intimidating but kind-of-necessary-if-you’re-going-to-call-yourself-a-writer project of starting a blog. But, look—now it’s done. I may have borrowed somebody else’s words to do it, but I did it no less.

So now the worst part is over and here comes the fun. Or so I hope…