About Me

I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, and strategist based in New York City.

Since 2012, I’ve been indulging an obsessive appetite for culture as a writer for Time Out New York magazine. I’ve covered bluegrass concerts in Central Park, jazz at Webster Hall, pop-up art and sound installations in Times Square, tours of artists’ studios in Bushwick, urban foraging classes in Prospect Park, and cutting-edge designs for living in Jackson Heights.

Until recently, I also worked for Open Air Publishing, where I led an interdisciplinary team of product managers, designers, and developers in creating high-end interactive e-books tailored for touchscreen devices.

A Manhattan native, I now live in Brooklyn where I’m mining a new field of Gotham gems. My other interests include Shakespeare, green technology, modern dance, and the mixed effects of urban revitalization. I also love a good cheese plate.