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Lush Life*: Drinking on less than a dime

5-Cent Cocktail

In a city of $16 cocktails, there’s nothing like downing an expertly crafted tipple bought for 5 cents.

Or so I felt last night, when I enjoyed the above drink, thanks to a special Meatpacking District burger joint BFB Highline is offering in collaboration with Owl’s Brew, a purveyor of artisanal tea-based mixers.

If you’re in New York and boozing on a budget, take note: The special continues every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm through August 27.

For a mere nickel you can enjoy a choice of:
The Right Swipe: Owl’s Brew Pink & Black, cilantro, lime, rum
Santea: Owl’s Brew Classic, Pinot Grigio, fresh fruit
Pink & Black: Owl’s Brew Pink & Black, bourbon
Lowered Inhibitions: Owl’s Brew Coco Lada, mezcal

They’re a little low on alcohol, but they’re practically free—can you complain? The complimentary fries that also seem to be part of the arrangement don’t hurt either.

*With this post, I introduce “Lush Life,” an occasional series about my adventures in the New York City drinkscape. I’m not really a lush, but how can I resist a reference to one of jazz’s greatest meditations on heartache and hooch? And, of course, alliteration gets me every time.